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Canadian Ground


This is a Canadian website. This was authored for Canadians, by Canadians, and will proudly continue to do so in the future.

Whether you're here to find information, take a test, use the links, or are just plain bored, we've got you covered. Please feel free to contact us regarding ideas that you would like to see added or general feedback. We always welcome a good idea.

The reason that this website was built in the first place was because it was very difficult to find pertinent information regarding a specific knowledgebase for apprentices. The rest of the site beyond "Resources" is currently under construction, and will take until Spring 2018 to complete in entirety.

There is a multitude of information out there in this digital world so we would like to remind you that the information contained on this site is for your personal use only. Please refer to the terms section to get a full scope of what we want to convey.

Thank you for dropping by, and we hope to see you pop by often.